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What is E00?

E00 is the file extension for the Arc/Info export format for groups of vector coverages. The Arc/Info export format is a proprietary GIS (Geographic Information Systems) file format for ESRI software. It is also known as an exchange format because the files are used to transfer a coverage, grid to TIN, and associated Info tables between different machines not connected with any type of file sharing network.

The Arc/Info export format is actually an uncompressed ASCII text editable file, which contains special topology and linked tables with attribute information. The file consists of several small files called subfiles. These subfiles are of two types standard subfiles (these are fixed files which do not vary from coverage to coverage, follow a pre-defined data format and are common to all E00 files), and info files (which vary from coverage to coverage and contain user-defined attributes). Each of the info files starts with a header that gives the names and describes the attributes of each of the records of the file.

Arc/Info export files contain spatial topology field identifiers like area and perimeter; and linked tables with attribute information - like the number of attributes, the number of attributes actually present, and the number of attribute records. These export files have the extension E00. Sometimes these files are split into smaller files. When an export file is composed of several separate files, then the extensions increment to E01, E02, E03 and so on.

Most GIS programs can read the Arc/Info export files. But if you want to save e00 files as TIFF, PDF or JPEG images you should use a good converter. Total GIS Converter can easily convert Arc/Info export files to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and many other graphic formats. Download the trial version for free.

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Total GIS Converter supports the following conversions with E00 files:
  • E00 to TIFF
  • E00 to JPEG
  • E00 to BMP
  • E00 to PNG
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