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What is HP2?

HP2, also called HPGL2 (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2), is a file format developed by Hewlett Packard. A vector file format, it was created for driving plotters.

HP2, or HPGL2, is an enhanced version of the earlier HP, or HPGL, which is a de-facto standard for plotter formats supported by most plotters. Most CAD systems also have the capability of outputting HP. In 1990, Hewlett Packard released the improved version, HP2, to keep up with the increased and better plotter technology. HP2 has a smaller file size than the earlier version because of the use of Encoded Polylines.

The high performance HP2 uses two-letter mnemonics as instructions for drawing lines, circles, text, and simple symbols. It uses the program ImageMagick to create thumbnails from source images. This feature is particularly useful with Photoshop as the reading and rendering of large images is rather slow in it. The use of ImageMagick by HP2 greatly reduces the time spent in reading and resizing an image. To easily convert HP2 files to other CAD formats or images (DXF, WMF, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG) use Total CAD Converter. It works via user interface as well as command line.

cad converter
  • Convert CAD files in batch
  • Resize HP2 files
CAD converter
Total CAD Converter supports the following conversions of HP2 files:
  • HP2 to DXF
  • HP2 to WMF
  • HP2 to PDF
  • HP2 to JPEG
  • HP2 to TIFF
  • HP2 to PNG
  • HP2 to BMP
  • HP2 to CGM
  • HP2 to HPGL
  • HP2 to SVG
  • HP2 to PS
  • HP2 to PCL
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