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What is MHT?

MHT is the file extension for MIME HTML, a web page archive format. Introduced with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in 1999, it is used for storing complete web pages – including images and other media data like Flash animations, audio files, and Java applets.

The MHTML, short for MIME HTML, is a widely used file format, used every day by people all over the world. When an internet user saves a web page, the entire page, along with all its resources, are saved in a single file – the MHTML file with the extension of ‘.mht’ – rather than a collection of different HTML and media files. Much like an HTML email message, the content is first encoded using the MIME type multipart/related. The first part of the file is the HTML formatted web content, and the subsequent parts are the images and the other media files which are encoded in base64 after being remapped. The hyperlinks of the web page remain unchanged in the file. The MHT file can then be viewed using the Internet Explorer as it is the default file of Microsoft and Internet Explorer. It is also possible to edit an MHT file after it has been saved using the program eMarker.

Since the MHT file is not standardized, it is not supported by all browsers. Apart from Internet Explorer, the other browsers that support MHT files are Opera and Mozilla Firefox with the Mozilla Archive Format extension. So a web page saved as an MHT file, does not render the same results on all browsers. Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Excel, OneNote, and Power Point also support MHT files.

Total HTML Converter supports the following conversions with MHT files:

  • MHT to PDF
  • MHT to JPG
  • MHT to DOC
  • MHT to XLS
  • MHT to Text

Total PDF Converter supports the following conversions with HTML files:

  • PDF to HTML
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