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Printer Command Language (PCL) is a descriptive format associated with printed digital documents. Originally created in by Hewlett-Packard in the 1980's, PCL is used to describe the graphic and text layout of documents to be printed. Although it is still widely used with LaserJet printers, it does not offer as many features as its alternative: PostScript (.PS).

PCL files are created in a couple different ways. For example, when a Windows user redirects the print output to a file (instead of a printed document) if they have a PCL driver, a PCL files will be generated. For those that are running UNIX, redirecting the printer queue to a saved file will automatically result in a target document saved in the PCL format.

What should a user do though, when they're confronted with needing to open PCL files after they've already been created? Fortunately there are programs out there that allow you to view PCL and work with them further. If you're a Mac or Linux user: OpenPCL Viewer. If you're a Windows user there are several programs out there that can help you view PCL files, but CoolUtil's PCL Viewer stands alone as the best of the bunch.

What's so great about our PCL Viewer? Well for starters, most PCL viewers cost quite a lot of money. Not ours though; it's FREE! The technology already existed as part of our Total CAD Converter and we thought it would be cool to create a free PCL viewer. If you're looking for an excellent utility to help you organize and view your PCL files, look no further!

Along with the ability to view PCL documents, you'll be able to take advantage of all the great customization options that we've included. After 14+ years of developing conversion utilities we know exactly what users are looking for when it comes to flexible conversion options. Give our PCL Viewer a try today and see for yourself!

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