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What is TTA?

TTA stands for The True Audio. It's a free realtime lossless audio compressor based on adaptive prognostic filters. TTA offers adequate compression levels while maintaining high operation speeds.

Having no loss in data or quality, TTA compresses files to as little as 30% of their original size (allows for the storage of up to 20 audio CDs worth of music on a single DVD-R). Minimal system requirements has made it quite popular.Compression ratios achieved by the TTA codec vary, depending on music type, but range from 30% - 70% of the original. The TTA lossless compressed audio format supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2 information tags. The compression is performed on multichannel 8, 16 and 24-bit data of WAV audio files.

Today TTA files are not supported by major part of audio players. To make your tta music compatible with your mp3 player you need to ocnvert it. Total Audio Converter will convert tta to mp3, aac, wav, wma and other formats in 3 steps!

Audio converter
  • TTA to iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • Add .tta music to any cell phone
convert audio
Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with TTA format files:
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