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What is Telesync (TS)?

Telesync is a bootleg recording of a movie. Telesync films are recorded at empty movie theaters by way of taping the projected on-screen picture. Warez groups strive to use a high quality digital camera on a tripod directly connected to a sound channel. More often than not, the camera is connected to the FM radio transmission input intended for people with hearing problems. The camera is installed either in the projection booth or in the auditorium. Direct connection to the sound source ensures relatively good sound quality. Usually, sound is recorded in the two-channel stereo regime.

Cam and telesync are the most common illegal formats. They have pretty much in common, but there is one big difference: unlike Telesync, cam takes sound directly from the camera's on-board microphone. Therefore, background noises, conversations and laughter are also recorded and therefore audible during playback.

Both cam and Telesync can be regarded as movie piracy pioneers, and they dominated on illegal media markets during earlier stages of market formation. Since they could not boast good quality, more advanced solutions had to be found.

In fact, what we are used to referring to as 'Telesync' does not even fully live up to the notion. Ideally, the movie should be synchronized to the camera's shutter timing and frame rate in the same way as TV crews prepare the tape for broadcast. Few telesync records, if any, use this sort of synchronization. Poor synchronization often leads to lags between the picture and the conversation.

Although Telesync vids show a little better audio quality than cam vids, video quality is pretty much the same. However, some Telesync vids show relatively good quality. With technology improving, the quality of Telesync videos improves too. Some camera men use high definition digital cameras to achieve maximum clarity of the picture. However, since Telesync is lossy in principle, it will hardly ever match DVD rips or direct transfers. If you need to convert ts files to other formats like AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP or others use Total Movie Converter.

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Total Movie Converter supports the following conversions with TS format files:
  • TS to AVI
  • TS to MPEG
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