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What is VQF?

TwinVQ (Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization) is a relatively new audio data format introduced by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and distributed by Yamaha under the name SoundVQ. This format uses specific audio data compression algorithms that ensure good output quality. Streamlined playback is also possible. By aid of the TwinVQ audio codec, you can code audio data at ultra low bitrates (about 8 kbit/s).

This format is developed for more powerful players than MP3, and compression process requires more power. TwinVQ utilizes twin vector quantization scheme. The constant encoding bitrate is 90, 96, 112, 128, 160 and 192 kbit/s. TwinVQ files are said to be about three times smaller than MP3 files. They are decoded just as fast as MP3 files are, while converting WAV files to TwinVQ is much slower. It takes three times longer to create a TwinVQ file (extension .vqf) via p-II than to create an MP3 file via MMX.

There is no telling, which of the two formats is better. The fact of the mater is that they are just two different files. When you save audio data in the MP3 format, you lose certain frequencies. When you save your data in the TwinVQ format, some details are lost and the overall tone is softened. TwinVQ’s Present and Future Day Although TwinVQ was originally intended as an alternative to MP3, it failed to make a bang.

Most probably, this is due to the format’s highly specialized nature resulting in lack of support. The format fell deeper into disuse when other alternatives to MP3 appeared, which featured faster encoding rates. However, with the advent of FFmpeg audio and video processing program in 2009, featuring the open-source libavcodec library, the format was reverse-engineered. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation came up with its own player and made it available for download on its website. TwinVQ can be coded with the help of Nero Burning ROM, and Winamp features a plug-in that supports TwinVQ playback. Today, TwinVQ is one of the few formats that can be used on webpages. These also include MIDI, RealAudio and MPEG I Layer 3.

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Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with VQF format files:
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  • VQF to WAV
  • VQF to OGG
  • VQF to FLAC
  • VQF to AAC
  • VQF to MP4
  • VQF to MPC
  • VQF to APE
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