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Internet services help now to stay mobile and use various features online, without having to install a program for every simple need. Online audio converter from CoolUtils makes it possible to convert a music track into various formats from any device connected to the Internet! This is a version of desktop Total Audio Converter that supports the following output formats:

Green PlusMP3

Green PlusWAV

Green PlusWMA

Green PlusMP4

Green PlusOGG

Similar to the desktop converter, online tool allows settings basic audio parameters like bitrate, sample rate, audio channels, quality, etc. These options are different for each target format. A user is able to set his own values or leave the default variant. The default settings always keep original quality unchanged.

This online music converter works the same way as the desktop tool: a user uploads the original music file, chooses format and options and receives a converted copy after the script finishes data export. The online converter allows converting one audio track at a time and doesn't support batch conversion. If you need to convert a lot of files and do this regularly, download Total Audio Converter:

download audio converter

A huge advantage for users is the zero price of online converter - it is free for unlimited term of use! No charges, no registration, no sharing personal information - just high-quality music conversion for your benefit. Free converters usually swarm with ads, but it is not about online converter from CoolUtils. You will not see any banner during conversion and any ads will be sent to you when downloading result tracks. The script will output high-quality audio files exported to the desired file type.

Online audio converter extends your abilities, as you can convert music from everywhere! It is safe and quick - just what you need. Use it when do not want to install the desktop application, when there is no time to setup. Take the file and make it converted immediately!

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