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Since my work requires that I spend my whole workday shuffling email messages, I have to use effective solutions to track my business correspondence. Most important, I have to do my uttermost not to miss a single one, because some messages do contain really important business information. Considering the degree of tiredness of the dull and routine I'd been doing for years, can you imagine my relief when the news about CooUtils releasing a new free email viewer reached my ear?

After reading the review and watching an instruction vid I downloaded and installed the program right away. Surprisingly, once I took a look at the interface I felt like I'd been using this program for quite a while and therefore knew all its ins and outs. Truly, there were hardly ins or outs to figure out. I felt like I was a kind of reading signs and going the right way!

Once I launched the program I saw the interface divided into three sections. I saw the folder tree on the left. It wouldn't take me a minute to figure out that clicking on a folder with emails would have resulted in the appearance of a list of messages contained in that folder, in the middle section.

Checkboxes located next to each message suggested that I had to check a message or several messages. The "Check All" button allowed me to check-mark the entire group. However, I wanted to test the program on a single message, so I pressed Uncheck All and checked one of the messages manually.

open eml

download Mail Viewer

Then I saw Copy, Move, Delete and Report buttons in the upper left corner. I decided to make a report and I clicked Report. The wizard gave me a list of target formats, which included Text, Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML. Since PDF is my favorite format, I chose PDF, set destination folder and pressed Start. Then I opened that folder and found my PDF report and that was when I realized that was the best tool to view EML files with I'd seen thus far.

I also liked that there were no unwanted ads or toolbars popping out. Since then I recommend all my friends and colleagues to download this free EML viewer and view messages without opening Outlook.


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