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Convert GIF to BMP

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Convert GIF to BMP

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Converting GIF, a lossless format mainly used for Web graphics, especially small images and navigation buttons, to other formats can be very difficult but not when you have Total Image Converter.

Total Image Converter is a unique solution by CoolUtils designed to convert GIF to BMP and other formats quickly and efficiently. With the help of this GIF BMP converter you can easily:

  • Convert GIF to BMP in batch thanks to batch conversion mode. It allows to process hundreds of files in one go, saving you lots of time and nerves. Simply select as many files as you want, specify the target format and launch the conversion process!

  • Edit images without any third-party software. You can rotate pictures, crop and even resize them with CoolUtils batch image converter!

  • Protect images against unauthorized use by applying watermarks with the converter and much more!

free download image converter

Why you should prefer Total Image Converter to other programs?

First, it is very easy to use. The converter has a very beautiful and simple interface that can be mastered even by a beginning user. The built-in wizard will help you learn how to convert files step by step.

Second, it is very efficient. Free online applications can only be used to process files from one format into another. Total Image Converter, in its turn, allows you to not only convert GIF to BMP but also to edit files.

Third, it supports numerous formats. BMP is not the only target format supported by Total Image Converter; others include TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA and many others!

Finally, Total Image Converter is competitively priced! Unlike many other applications, it can be purchased for just under $20! But here's more! You can use the program absolutely at no charge for 30 days to see whether it meets your needs and requirements!

Download your free trial version of Total Image Converter now and experience true quality of GIF-BMP conversion!

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