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GIF files can be easily converted to PDF with the help of Total Image Converter. This handy program allows to export GIF to PDF files with specific properties, watermark protection, paper size, etc. So you can adjust PDF copies fully for your needs. Besides this, Total Image Converter offers a range of useful advantages:

  • Built-in image viewer for proper selection of source files and viewing conversion results;
  • Flexible settings manager with optionally adjustable parameters;
  • Wide range of supported formats for converting GIF files;
  • Batch conversion support;
  • Automatic deletion of source files after conversion;
  • Ability to convert GIF to PDF compressing in various preset modes.

free download image converter

Compression helps to save on the file size, that is important when using PDF copies for sharing online or storing big number of documents in small memory space. Automatic deletion of source files is optional feature, useful for getting rid of unnecessary files in your PC memory. All other settings are also used only when needed - this GIF PDF converter can process GIF images with default settings too. All you need to do is to select source files, target format and press Start! in the appeared settings popup. In a few seconds you will get your GIF images converted.

Convert GIF to PDF

When exporting GIF to PDF, you will be able to convert each GIF file into separate PDF document, combine all sources into one PDF file or separate files by folders/common name part. If you select the last variant, a group of files located in one folder will be converted to a single PDF document. If you choose to separate files by common name part, all GIF sources that have a common name part (specified in settings) will be combined together into one PDF file. Mention that this image converter can process the whole file folders, so you can check off a folder as a source for conversion.

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Buy Total Image Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
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   Updated Thu, 25 Feb 2021

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