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Convert GIF to PS

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PS or PostScript is a page description language used in desktop publishing systems. If you would like to adjust your GIF graphics for using in such systems, you will need to convert GIF to PS. It is not a problem even for a novice, if you have Total Image Converter.

This utility is an all-in-one image converting tool that is able to turn GIF images to various formats, such as:

  • BMP
  • ICO
  • PNG
  • PS
  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • RAW
  • PXM
  • BMP

free download image converter

Whichever format you choose, the image converter works in the similar way.

First you will need to specify GIF images that you need to convert. Mention that you can check off any number of images for one conversion, as the program is able to convert all of them in batch. Just imagine how much time you can save, converting all images at a heat.

Convert GIF to PS

Total Image Converter features handy image viewer and navigation menu. Using them you can easily find required source files and include them in the batch for conversion. After the sources and target format are chosen, a settings window will automatically popup. For GIF PS converter there is a set of options for transformation (crop, rotate and resize), as well as watermark settings. You can add some logo or text comment, or even an image frame to set the authorship on your PS copies. The watermark can be uploaded from some external file.

A useful add-on to this is ability to convert images from the command line. If you are used to run applications using CMD commands, you can manage this image converter in the same way. All required settings and command parameters are specified in Help menu.

Total Image Converter is available in a free trial. Get your copy here for free 30 days use.

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