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Convert GIF to RAW

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RAW format is used in professional digital cameras for saving photos captured by camera matrix. The advantage of this format is recording original image separately from white balance, contrast, brightness and other settings that are saved in separate file title. That is why sometimes images are converted to RAW format to extract original image and separate it from applied settings.

If you have GIF originals and would like to convert it to RAW, you need an image converter with GIF to RAW conversion mode. Such feature is provided by Total Image Converter - a highly user-friendly utility for exporting images into different formats. For converting GIF to RAW it offers the following settings:

  • Resize/rotation
  • Size of file header
  • Channel order
  • Color planes
  • Row alignment
  • Watermark (logo, frame or text comment)

free download image converter

Using these features you can adjust this GIF RAW converter for your specific requirements and make it produce secured image copies. You can use any of these settings if needed, or convert images with default parameters. This is up to you.

A settings window appears on the screen after you specify source GIF images and press RAW button in format bar. Total Image Converter can export GIF to RAW in batches, processing any number of images at once. So you can significantly save your time when processing tens or hundreds of images. While RAW format is mostly used for professional photo design purposes, this program makes conversion to RAW an easy task even for a novice. A few mouse clicks will turn GIF files into high-quality RAW images.

Convert GIF to RAW

Besides using program interface you can convert GIF to RAW from the command line. Total Image Converter supports command line mode. Use simple commands to run the converter in CMD processor.

Total Image Converter in the updated version can be downloaded from here. Get your trial right now!

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    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
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   Updated Thu, 27 Jun 2019
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