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Convert GL2 to SVG

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batch GL2 converter

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batch GL2 converter


GL2 is a useful format when you're sending information to a plotter printer (and you know what the file contains). What should you do though, when you're not the person who created the file, but still need to know what's in it? In that case an excellent solution is to convert GL2 to SVG, or another graphic format that allows you to access the data.

Instead of being stuck behind proprietary formats, our CAD Converter puts you in the driver's seat; giving you total control over your files. Combine GL2 to SVG for easy sharing. Process even the biggest jobs with our batch GL2 converter; save time while our utility automatically performs tasks at amazing speeds. Whatever your conversion challenges, the Total CAD Converter can help.

Convert GL2 to SVG

Now when you convert GL2 to SVG you can also modify the target file to better suit your needs. Essentially, you'll be making the new files more accessible than the originals.

Green PlusSelect color mode for easy viewing and contrast management.

Green PlusStrengthen or weaken line weights for better presentation.

Green PlusResize and rotate images to better scale to the page.

Green PlusRedefine page margins and decide whether or not to use CAD borders.

Green PlusDistinguish your files with a custom watermark.

Green PlusCreate automated jobs using command line prompts.

If you've spent time searching for a program like this, then you know that there are only a few programs out there that allow you to view GL2. We are the only utility that lets you view and modify GL2 files. We saw a challenge and developed the solution. It's what we do! After close to 15 years building conversion tools, we know what folks are looking for.

Try it today through our free 30 day download. Get to know the program. See how easy it really is to set up and use. If you choose to purchase the full version, you'll receive a lifetime license for just $99.90. Along with that, all upgrades during the first year will be free. We're certain you'll agree that the Total CAD Converter is an amazingly utility.

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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