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Convert GRD to JPEG

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Convert GRD to JPEG

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GRD or Photoshop Gradient File is a file created by Photoshop. It contains a gradient, or multi-color fill, in which colors incrementally change into other colors. Typically, GRD files are applied to drawing objects or tiled in background patterns or used to store and share gradients. As you might guess, GRD files can only be viewed in Photoshop (namely, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10). If you want to view GRD files with standard and free photo viewing software, you convert GRD to image format, such as JPEG TIFF, PNG, or BMP.

At CoolUtils we have come up with a simple and yet efficient tool to convert GRD to JPEG. Let us introduce our ultimate GRD JPEG converter, Total GIS Converter! With its help you can slice AEP, have the files scaled automatically, and process files in GRD, AEP, GRD, ADF, E00, FLT, DLG, ECW, IMG, DGF, GML, SID, JPEG, TTKPS, PFT, many other formats!

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Brief instructions how to convert your files are below:

Green PlusDownload Total GIS Converter.

You can take advantage of the free trial version or buy a fully functional version that supports both, GUI and command line, features 13 interface languages and includes free maintenance for 1 year!

Green PlusInstall Total GIS Converter.

Just as with any other program, simply follow the instructions of the setup.

Green PlusOpen Total GIS Converter.

As it has been already said, you can use command line or user interface.

Green PlusSelect GRD files for conversion.

First, select the correct folder and then tick off the files. You can also use the "Select all" button.

Green PlusSet target format.

Click on the target format button, in this case it is the JPEG button. Then click "Start!" to begin conversion with default settings. You can also change the settings according to your preferences: split GRD, select region and change the destination folder.

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Mon, 19 Feb 2018
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