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With CoolUtils Total Webmail Converter, Gmail backup just got a whole lot easier. Although Gmail and most other mail services feature their own backup functions, the process isn't as straightforward or intuitive as it should be. Instead of struggling with multiple programs and unfamiliar file formats, Total Webmail Converter allows users to back up their emails to either PDF or DOC files. Save Gmail to PDF or save Gmail to DOC all with the push of a button, and all in a straightforward, easy to use GUI.

If you only need to a Gmail backup for a few emails, you could always download a free PDF printer and go through the process of selecting and saving the individual files to PDF. However, for bulk jobs, your fingers are sure to start cramping up long before you're through with backing up everything you need. This is especially true for those times that you need to save your entire email folder, or even just all of the conversations from a specific certain or conversation.

With Total Webmail Converter, you can easily search and sort through all of your emails based on sender, date, keywords, subject or a variety of other parameters making it quick and easy to find any and all the files you need and then save them to your chosen output format in seconds. All you'll need to do is confirm your Gmail account and you'll be ready to go.

Whether you need to select a few emails or your entire inbox, Total Webmail Converter makes it simpler than ever. Combine multiple emails or entire conversations into one PDF document, add customized headers and footers, create password protected PDFs and even fine tune the appearance of the output files with CSS.

Total Webmail Converter is fully compatible with Gmail and virtually any email server, allowing you to easily backup whatever you need outside of your email client. However, if you've already exported your email files to your hard drive as either EML or MSG files, you can still backup Gmail files in these formats using CoolUtils Total Mail Converter. All you need to do is open up the program, find the EML or MSG file and then select which emails you want to backup and what format you want them saved in.

All of this will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and headaches when you need to convert numerous emails into PDF or DOC files no matter whether you're doing it through your email client with Total Webmail Converter or using the stand-alone Total Mail Converter. Both programs are incredibly handy and worthwhile.

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However, if you're in need of even more functionality, you should definitely consider upgrading to Total Webmail Converter Pro, as this version also allows you to backup Gmail attachments in addition to the standard emails. After entering your parameters, the program will then automatically extract and backup any and all attachments into whatever output format you choose.

As an added bonus, both Total Webmail Converter and Total Webmail Converter Pro come with a number of useful functions like enabling you to add page counts or rename the batch of output files to give them more descriptive names that'll make it easier for you to sort and search through them. As well, legal professionals and tax advisors are sure to love the bates stamping option.

So stop struggling and wasting time backing up emails one a time, and instead let CoolUtils Total Webmail Converter do it all for you in an instant.

"I am very pleased with Total Webmail Converter, it was very easy to use and did exactly what I wanted. It converted a few hundred emails with their attachments into a usable format for a computer that did not have email client installed on it. Thanks for a your hard work and excellent products."

Fritz Pehn

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