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If you have a Google Gmail account and have ever tried to convert Gmail to RTF (for example) then you know this involves many steps. Here at CoolUtils we specialize in taking what would otherwise be a tedious task and making it easy. With the aid of the Total Webmail Converter, you can now save Gmail as RTF and a range of other useful formats with just a few quick clicks.

Convert Gmail to XPS

Export Gmail emails to RTF and in the process, take advantage of all sorts of fun features. Do most of your emails include attachments? Not a problem for our Gmail converter - you can convert those too. Concerned that it will still take a long time because you have so many emails to go through? Guess what? We've even included batch functionality that lets you apply settings to hundreds emails at once.

Saving an email to a RTF formatted file has never been simpler. With the assistance of our intuitive interface design, users discover that set up is a breeze. You'll even be able to save project settings by creating a .bat file for later use.

Green PlusAdvanced user? Work directly with command line prompts.

Green PlusIntegrate the converter into your Windows OS shell for quick menu access.

Green PlusCustomize document layout.

Green PlusChoose which elements to include (or leave out).

After many years of developing conversion apps we've learned that user feedback is incredibly valuable. To that end, we are always updating our apps, and looking for new ways to improve them. When you download our email converter what you are getting is a culmination of many years of conversion app evolution.

So while you're deciding which app to try, we urge you to settle for nothing less than the best. Download a trial copy of our app today and see for yourself. Upgrading to the full version is just $49.90 and you'll gain lifetime access in the process. First year updates are free and we'll provide you with the top notch tech support to answer any questions you might have.

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Buy Total WebMail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 16 Nov 2018
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