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Convert Gmail Emails to HTML For Easy Archiving & Migration


Whether you are using the free or premium version of its service, it is hard to beat Gmail for speed and flexibility as a cloud email provider. While it is perfect in terms of day-to-day use, there will often come times when you need to get your hands on all that data stored inside in a different format - a potentially difficult task to accomplish. This could be for the purposes of migration, for example. Or you might need to archive important conversations or extract a particular set of data for further processing.

Being able to convert Gmail emails to HTML is often an intelligent way of tackling the issue. It gets your data out into a neutral format that lends itself equally well to display and further processing. If you want to save your Gmail messages as HTML files, however, you are not going to want to do it by hand. You will want a specialised tool for the task.

Step forward our Total Webmail Converter Pro tool! It can blast through this and a wide range of further tasks with ease, whether you are dealing with a single file or thousands. You will be able to save Gmail into HTML across entire archives with just a few clicks.

Let's have a look at some of the highlight features of this full-featured Gmail converter:

  • Take advantage of the ability to merge several emails into one multi-page document in TIFF, DOC or PDF format.
  • Strip out all unnecessary images from emails when necessary.
  • Seamlessly handle multiple time zones and convert all output to Coordinated Universal Time.
  • Drill into your data with powerful filtering options to select only the specific messages that you are after.

Handling email attachments is always an issue when you are performing this type of transfer and Total Webmail Converter Pro has you completely covered in this regard. You are free to either include attachments in the conversion process itself of split them out into a different folder as each email is processed - a piece of advanced functionality that will save you hours of work and that you will not find in competing solutions at anything close to this price point.

You are also free to either run Total Webmail Converter Pro directly from the command line or take advantage of its user-friendly desktop version. People who may have had trouble getting past Gmail security settings in the past will be relieved to know the software comes with and easy to follow wizard to guide you through the relevant configuration settings.

We have made a fully functional, 30-day free trial of Total Webmail Converter Pro available for download. Give it a try today and you will soon be convinced by its unique mix of power and flexibility when it comes to taking control of your inbox!


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Updated Fri, 05 Mar 2021

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