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Convert HPGL to JPEG

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HPGL format helps to adapt big size CAD drawings for printing on Hewlett Packard printing equipment. It is not often used, mostly for old drawings. If you have HPGL drawings that you would like to use as illustrations to your reports or just to create its demo version, it is reasonable to convert HPGL into JPEG format using Total CAD Converter.

The program can 'read' data from HPGL and render it to a fully correct JPEG image. You will not find the program that can convert graphics from HPGL to common image file type like JPEG quicker than this. When setting HPGL JPEG converter, you can select the following parameters:

  • Color palette (color, black&white or disabled)
  • Image size (set specific size for the future JPEG copy)
  • Rotate angle
  • JPEG quality
  • Smoothing

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Mention that all this settings are applied only to the future JPEG copy, but not the HPGL originals. So your source files will stay unchanged after conversion. Using Total CAD Converter you can convert HPGL to JPEG in batch, selecting many sources for one conversion to save your time. Just convert all required drawings at once - this will help you to create JPEG copies with the same formatting. The program accepts sources from one folder. If your files are located in different folders, just copy and paste it to one, and select it as a source for conversion.

Convert HPGL to JPEG

There is a built-in file viewer in this CAD converter. This really helps when selecting source files, as you can always check what information they contain. Various CAD programs use various formats for drawings, and it is very handy that one converter can view them all. A range of such useful add-ons make this converter a good choice for quick and correct HPGL conversions.

You can try Total CAD Converter for free or get a licensed version. They both are the same in terms of functionality!

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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