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It is very convenient to create screenshots of the entire web pages by converting them to image files. For instance, you can convert HTM page to PNG and then use it as a screenshot of this page for various needs. If you need the functionality of such kind to be available for multiple users, you can try Total HTML ConverterX. This server application gives ability to convert HTM to PNG via command line in multi user mode. Simple and quick, it is a perfect solution for small business or home use.

Besides working as a standalone application on your web server, the converter can become a part of web service. To integrate HTM PNG converter ActiveX can be used. The functionality of this converter is easily integrated to any client-server application. It processes conversion queries coming from various users in turn. It is possible to convert files by one of the following ways:

Green PlusConvert all HTM pages to one single PNG image

Green PlusConvert each HTM page to a separate PNG image

Green PlusConvert HTM pages one by one, if each requires different settings.

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Thanks to batch conversion support this server HTM converter is capable of exporting all pages to images at once. Just create one single command to process them all. It is reasonable to store all HTM files in one folder and specify it as a source for conversion in the command. As for this HTM PNG converter no GUI is used, first a conversion command should be prepared and used each time a need in conversion appears. As an alternative you can setup automatic HTM conversion on your server. Total Folder Monitor paired to Total HTML ConverterX makes it possible to convert HTM files stored in some folder regularly without manual commands. Just setup all convert HTM to PNG command line parameters beforehand, and they will be applied to all automatic conversions.

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Buy Total HTML Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Fri, 22 Nov 2019

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