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HTM format is usually used to save web pages locally. If you need more compact way to store web pages, simply convert them to texts. When this problem occurs in some local network, where lots of files need to be converted, reducing the file storage size becomes a priority. For this you can use some server HTM converter, such as Total HTML ConverterX. It is the most easy-to-setup and quick converting server app.

The program works simply:

Green PlusUser sends conversion command to the converter

Green PlusConverter exports files to the required formats according to settings

Green PlusConverted copies are stored in the folder specified as destination address

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You can also setup the converter in such a way that it will delete HTM originals after converting them to TXT. This will additionally reduce the file storage size. For this HTM text converter no GUI is provided, as it works fully from the command line. All parameters are specified in the command, including all settings you'd like to apply to future copies. By default each web page is converted to a separate TXT file named similarly to HTM original. The proper convert HTM to text command line parameters are very easy to user. When web pages are converted to TXT format, only text information is rendered without additional formatting. That is why in settings you can only specify conversion mode and destination address.

Besides working from the command line, you can use GUI. To implement this for HTM text converter ActiveX is required. This technology helps to make Total HTML ConverterX as a part of some other web app or just to inbuilt its features into user interface.

With Total HTML ConverterX you can easily convert HTM to text via command line and provide this feature to many users using only one license. Take advantage of such solution by getting your own copy here!

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Buy Total HTML Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Fri, 22 Nov 2019
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