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Total HTML converter is an innovative and user-oriented utility, which you can use for turning HTM into PNG in batch. Intended for both experienced and first-time users, this program features several advanced functions, which make it very convenient. For example, it allows you to convert HTM to PNG in batch in less than a few seconds.

Due to its intuitive interface and great performance, it took a short while for this program to gain renown. Today, this is one of the most hunted-for converters available. Although it is a shareware tool, all users say it is worth its price, which is not high at all.

This HTM PNG converter integrates into Windows, so you can convert HTM to PNG using the right button menu. Command line support enables you to convert files from within any other application.

You can create screenshots of HTML pages, providing there is FLASH on them. Also, you can use page break control, create IE headers and footers and save them in your output documents

htm png converter

How to Use the Converter

Total HTML converter is very user friendly. Launch the program and choose a folder with HTML files in the file tree. All the files, which you have placed in the folder, will be displayed on the right. To convert one or a few files, check each file separately. To batch-convert, press 'Check All' button to mark all the files . Also, you can check subfolders. Select 'PNG' in the target format bar. Use the wizard's options to achieve desired output quality. Here you can select between image quality options, place headers and footers using different parameters, destination path, etc. When you are through with your options, click 'Start'. The program will convert your HTML files to PNG in a few seconds.

Convert html

In order to convert HTML to PNG via the right button menu, right-click on a file and select 'Convert to'. Then follow the procedure as described above.

Total HTML Converter is available online, so you can either download the 30-day demo version or buy it right now. When the trial period expires, you are going to have to register.

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Buy Total HTML Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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