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Convert HTM to XHTML In Batch GUI + Command Line


HTM is an inherently flexible document markup format but that freedom comes at a price. It's incredibly easy to introduce errors and non-standard elements into pages. This can be a real problem when you're trying to ensure browser compatibility and standardisation across your content.

The solution of course is to use XHTML, a stricter version of HTM that uses standard HTML tags but must conform to stricter XML guidelines. This format is pretty much guaranteed to display correctly across all modern browsers.

Trying to convert HTM to XHTML in batch is not something you want to be doing by hand, particularly if you're dealing with a genuinely large amount of content. Luckily Total HTML Converter makes this a piece of cake to do. Even thousands of files can be processed with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the powerful features the program supports:

  • Missing closing tags will be automatically caught and corrected.
  • Automatic handling of elements with incorrect content models.
  • Highlighting and correction of non-standard elements and attributes.

In addition to handling HTM to XHTML conversion, the software can also output to many other formats. You can use it to convert to DOC, PDF, TXT, JPG, XLS and many more. Advanced options like fit-to-page and digital signatures are available for formats such as PDF.

You have got two basic ways of being able to run Total HTML Converter. If you prefer working on the command line, you can run the software straight from the terminal with just a few keystrokes. The full range of the program's functionality is available to you via option flags.

Users who are more comfortable in a graphical environment will find Total HTML Converter's desktop version a pleasure to use. A series of helpful wizards are built into the program to guide you through common tasks.

We also provide a souped-up server version of the program in the form of Total HTML Converter X. This ActiveX-enabled variant lets you integrate the software with your own applications.

With its affordable price, Total HTML Converter represents incredible value for money. Take it for a spin today on the house by downloading the 30-day free trial version!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021

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