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Convert HTML To TIFF Command Line

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command line html converter

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If you have the information stored in HTML, but would like to make it suitable for sending by fax or simply edited as graphics, converting it to TIFF is one of the ways that will help you. Currently there are many desktop converters for using by a single user. If you would like to have a multi-user converter, try Total HTML ConverterX.

Being available in SDK, this HTML to TIFF command line utility is suitable for integration into any web-server application. This can be a service online or simply a utility for commercial use in the local network. In such a way CoolUtils has made conversion facilities available for any type of environment. It offers powerful facilities for managing HTML to TIFF conversions, including:

  • Ability to convert files in batch (any number of files can be converted by one command)
  • Easy conversion management process (only one simple command required)
  • Ability to convert files automatically (with the help of Total Folder Monitor)
  • Compatibility with other web-oriented applications
  • Adjustable conversion parameters

command line html converter

The flexibility and functionality of server version is the same, as they were in the desktop Total HTML Converter. As for convert HTML to TIFF command line feature, it is launched simple commands like:

HTMLConverter.exe C:\Web\Index.htm C:\Graphics\Image1.tiff –c tiff.

This command will converter Index.htm file from C:\Web catalogue into Image1.tiff image to C:\Graphics catalogue. An index ‘-c' means convert operation, while ‘tiff' at the end of the command points at required target format.

The set of adjustable parameters in convert HTML to TIFF command line mode includes settings for the size, margins, header & footer of the images. A useful feature is ability to render images only or texts only. Compression option is very important in converting files to TIFF, as TIFF is one of the most weighty graphic formats.

Total HTML Converter X is available for download and free testing. You can find it here.

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Buy Total HTML Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Mon, 11 Oct 2021

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