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How To Combine PDF Invoices

Invoices are part of business. You won't find a single business that doesn't have to deal with invoices. This is because every business has to buy some product or service at some point or the other. And whenever a product or service is bought, the seller issues an invoice to the buyer, which lists the products or services, the quantities bought, and the agreed-upon prices. So, the bigger the business, the more invoices there are.

In the past, when there were no computers and all work was done on paper, invoices, too, were on paper. But today, in this age of paperless offices, all work is done through the internet on computers. Even invoices are sent and received through emails over the internet. These digitalized invoices come either as TIFF files or as PDF files. The PDF format is generally preferred because of its best feature - it's unalterable. Whereas other office file formats can easily be changed somewhere along the way, the PDF file cannot have its contents changed at all. So, it's the safest format to use when sending invoices over the internet.

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As we said earlier, the larger, or the more successful, a business is, the more invoices have to be processed. What does this mean? It means that over a period of time, a large number of invoices end up saved on the computer - either individually or in various folders. Many invoices should be processed - managers extract certain pages and combine them as the company needs. It includes a lot of manual work unless one uses PDF Combine from CoolUtils.

The PDF Combine is the ideal tool for offices with a large number of invoices in PDF format. It very easily combines several PDF files into one single PDF file while still retaining the original separate files exactly the way they were. PDF Combine is very easy-to-use due to the well-thought interface. Every office manager will master it in minutes. Unlike other pdf combining tools PDF Combine from CoolUtils is a truly reliable program which is very important in business. This is why we say that all offices must have a PDF Combine.

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