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How to View EXIF Info

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What is EXIF?
EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) was developed by Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA) to be used by digital cameras. Actually, EXIF is a record of what kind of camera was used and its settings, which include exposure mode, aperture, flash information, focal length, metering pattern, shutter speed, etc. EXIF files also store information on the current time and date, location (should a GPS receiver be connected to the camera) and copyright information. EXIF files combine the existing JPEG, TIFF and RIFF WAVE files with metadata tags, which represent the aforementioned parameters and information.

EXIF info can be very helpful in defining image settings. For instance, you can make a number of photographs, select the best ones and jot down the settings and stick to them later. You can get an insight into how to adjust the settings according to the degree of lighting.

Earlier, in order to save information on time and date, we had to have it displayed right on the photo. Although that was quite handy, few people would have liked to see the figures imprinted on their beautiful images. Besides, the data was often incorrect. EXIF has solved this problem!

Viewing EXIF Info

If you would like to analyze each photo of your gallery, there is a compact and versatile EXIF viewer. Unlike most other viewers, this one presents all sorts of extended information, such as User Comment, Image Description, Exposure Time, Copyright, Flash, Orientation and Camera Model.

To view an image, launch the viewer. Select the required folder in the folder list on the left side of the interface. A list of files contained in the folder will be displayed in the main panel, with metadata parameters organized in columns. According to these parameters, you can sort your images out and create reports and supply each photo with extended information.

To view the extended information, double-click on a photo in the file list. The EXIF info will be displayed in the EXIF Edit pop-up window, where you can view and edit image information. You can use the toolbar to edit and view the pictures in the preview or slide-show modes.

With the help of the Exif Viewer, you can view JPEG and TIFF files, as well as RAW files, such as RAF, CRW, NEF, ORF, PEF, X3F, RAW, CR2, SRF, BAY, MRW and MRW. It should be noted that EXIF Viewer can just view RAW files, but not edit them. The licensed version of the program is worth $24.50. There is also a free trial version, which you can download and use for 30 days.

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Buy EXIF Viewer NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Sat, 23 Jan 2021

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