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How to Create Beautiful Slideshows with ImageBox

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Image Box is an easy-to-use tool to create astonishing slideshows out of your photos. Your friends will be amazed to see not plain photos but a great slideshow with effects and music. Let's see how it works.

create slide show from photos

  1. On the file tree select the folder where you images are stored.
  2. To add images to your slideshow press Add button or just double click the photo. If you want all images of the folder selected to be added, press Add All button. To make sure you want to add exactly this image to your slideshow, you can view it in large size pressing Preview button.
  3. Put in order your images using Move Left/Right buttons on the bottom toolbar. To rotate images use Rotate Left/Right buttons. If you want to remove some photos from your slideshow, use Remove button.
  4. You may add comments to each photo if you like. Use the Comment box in the bottom toolbar. You may set Font Name, Font Color, Font Size, Position and Alignment for your comments pressing Customize button and opening Comments page.
  5. To set time interval between photos, transaction effects, transaction time and background color, press Customize button and open Main page. Donít forget to check Use when all the necessary parameters are set and press OK.
  6. You can add music to your slideshow using Add Music option (click Add Music button in the upper the toolbar).
  7. Preview your slideshow pressing Preview button on the main top panel.
Note that ImageBox will also help you to create Video CD or a sceensaver.

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Buy Image Box NOW!
(only $24.50)
   Updated Sat, 21 Apr 2018

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