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PDF files sometimes should be sorted by specific attribute like description, author's name or compression. These parameters are not available in the "Sort By" option of context file menu in Windows. Opening each file and checking required parameter in Adobe Reader can take too much time and be extremely uncomfortable. To reduce this routine to a minimum, use Tiff Teller.

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This program is a review tool for PDF and TIFF file. It shows the list of such files stored in the specific folder with all their properties like:

  • name,
  • size,
  • number of pages,
  • author,
  • description,
  • width,
  • height,
  • compression,

any other meta information about the files.

All these parameters are collected into a table, handy for viewing and printing. You can filter only PDF files and review their characteristics. Basically you can exclude any parameters from the report table, as well as add missing ones. Except simple view, there is an ability to export the review to various formats. Then review file can be used by any other applications.

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If you get a report that doesn't contain all the parameters, you can extend it by adding the missing ones. For this, find the "Choose columns" option on the toolbar and make sure all the fields are checked. Then press "OK". This way you will get the fullest report. If, for an export, you need to remove some columns, you can do this right in the export settings. There you can also set custom captures for each column.

When viewing the report table inside TiffTeller, you can sort PDF files by any parameter. For this you just need to click on the column title, and the program will order the files by this attribute. Any file can be copied or moved to another location right inside TiffTeller.

You can test this PDF review program in a 30-day trial version. Get it here!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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