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If you are looking for ability to extract emails from Lotus online account, try Total WebMail Converter. To create a local copy that can be imported into another client or shared online as a mail attachment, convert Lotus emails to EML format. This is a batch mail converter able to process the entire inbox at once. It is powerful enough to handle thousands of emails in one batch, as well as convert messages one-by-one.

To begin with you need to connect your Lotus account to WebMail converter. Just enter your email and password in the 'New account' dialogue and press OK. If you have a few accounts, you can connect them all. Then you need to get to a folder with source emails. This EML converter features handy navigation menu, showing a folder tree of entire mailbox and list of files of the selected folder. Here you need to select messages for export. Tick all necessary source mails and go to the top format bar, where EML icon is located. Click on it, and you will see a settings menu appeared. It features a lot of useful options, such as:

Green PlusConversion mode selection

Green PlusFile name template

Green PlusFields for conversion

Green PlusAttachments processing mode

There are a few ways to export emails to EML offered inside. You can convert each message into a separate EML file or combine all sources into one. If you choose the first variant, it will be useful to adjust file name template to order converted copies properly. Basically template is a combination of different mail identifiers such as number, date, subject, etc. Attached images can be saved locally, attached messages can be converted to EML too. You can save Lotus emails as EML files do not accessing internet for images, if they are not needed.

Try Total WebMail Converter for free in a demo version. Use it for 30 days without limits in conversions and functionality.

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Buy Total WebMail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 05 Mar 2021
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