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  GNU Octave is a higher-level programming language that offers handy command line interface for solving various tasts, performing different calculation experiments and data analysis. Besides this GNU Octave is used for processing and exchanging audio data with other programs. It is able to play audio tracks in MAT5 format. MAT5 has very poor hardware and software support. So if you would like to use MAT5files somewhere else instead of GNU Octave 2.1, you will need to use MAT5 converter that is able to convert tracks from MAT5 into one of more common music file types.

There are very few converters that support MAT5 source files, and Total Audio Converter is the most functional of them. It provides ability to use numerous conversion modes, including:

  • MAT5 to MP3
  • MAT5 to WAV
  • MAT5 to AAC
  • MAT5 to FLAC
  • MAT5 to APE
  • MAT5 to MP4

If you need to convert MAT5 files to any of these formats, just select proper source files, click on the target format button and press Start! To get them converted. If your sources are stored on a CD disk, you can convert them without copying to PC memory. Just use Rip CD' option.

Each conversion mode is fully adjustable. If you need to get the exact copies of your source files without any changes in sounding or file size, you are welcome to use default settings offered in the program automatically. If you need to set specific bitrates or quality, you can do this easily in settings manager. Each target format like MP3 pr WMA has specific set of parameters.

This MAT5 converter also gives ability to convert track fragments instead of the whole file. With the help of inbuilt player set start and end points of required audio fragment and convert it into a separate file of any format you want.

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   Updated Thu, 18 Feb 2021

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