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CoolUtils offers easy and comfortable way of implementing MHT to TIFF export for your own application. It provides Total HTML ConverterX that is MHT to TIFF SDK kit, easily adjustable for C#, ASP, PHP development projects. Make minimal modifications of ready-made code to enrich your applications with comfortable and powerful converter.

This development kit features all options of Total HTML Converter:

Green PlusBatch conversion support

Green PlusAdjustable image formatting

Green PlusTIFF compression

Green PlusAbility to convert a few MHT pages into one TIFF image

Green PlusWatermark protection

All these features help to perform efficient conversions of MHT content to TIFF graphic files. Moreover, you can select which type of content (images or/and text) to convert. For data export from MHT to TIFF no GUI is provided in standard kit. SDK creators made it possible to integrate MHT converter into any graphic interface. It can become a part of your application functionality with the help of ActiveX technology. In order to develop MHT to TIFF C# application, please check the available code samples for correct and quick SDK settings. You will not need to program all conversion options from scratch, just use ready code for your needs.

Using Total HTML ConverterX is possible on your server for providing converting features for corporative users. Working as an MHT TIFF server converter it requires only one license for all users. There is no need to purchase a separate license for each computer in the network. Additionally using Total Folder Monitor it is possible to adjust fully automatic conversion of MHT files. Otherwise users will use convert MHT to TIFF command line parameters for sending conversion requests to server.

Total HTML ConverterX can become a part of your web service too. This is highly flexible conversion library for various development projects. It will be definitely useful for your own development. Get a trial version here to see all its advantages in action!

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Buy Total HTML Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Mon, 11 Oct 2021

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