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Convert MHT to Text Command Line

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mht text server converter

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Converting MHT to TXT format will make the information much more compact in size that is perfect for minimizing the size of data storage on a server or computer memory. Such feature can be easily programmed basing on MHT to text SDK tool called Total HTML ConverterX. Basically it is a server web pages converter that features all possible options for handy and efficient conversion. Any of its features can be easily ported into your application.

This SDK contains a code that can be easily adjusted for C#, ASP, PHP applications and web services. You can use ready MHT to text C# conversion codes to see how easily this converter is integrated into another app. Total HTML ConverterX can work also as a standalone service for converting MHT files to one of the following formats:

Green PlusPDF

Green PlusDOC

Green PlusRTF

Green PlusTIFF

Green PlusJPEG

Green PlusXLS

Each target format has its own settings that user can manipulate via command line. As for convert MHT to text command line parameters, users can only set conversion of all MHT source files into one TXT document. As TXT implies no formatting, it's impossible to setup the layout of future copies. Take into account that all graphic content will be lost during conversion. Only text data will be exported. As for converting MHT to text no GUI is provided, all conversion requests are sent to server via command line. You create an interface for more comfortable use or integrate conversion options into some application using ActiveX.

As the program supports batch conversion, it can convert many files per one conversion request. It is the most efficient MHT TIFF server converter due to the speed and correctness of data processing. It can function being a part of another web application, so you can safely use it as basis for your own converting services. Download the SDK here.

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   Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021
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