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Total HTML ConverterX is a desktop version of Total HTML Converter. It is developed for running on a web server. It is perfect for multi-user commercial networks or for providing file conversion via web service. The tool provides server based MHT conversion to XLS format. In such a way, tables stored in MHT can become editable in Microsoft Excel.

The range of advantages offered by Total HTML ConverterX is quite big:

Green PlusNo need in personal licenses

Green PlusBatch conversion for multiple users

Green PlusQuick and correct data export

Green PlusAbility to convert MHT via command line without installing any software to PC

Green PlusAdjustable formatting for converted files

If your computer is connected to a web server with Total HTML ConverterX script, you need to send a request for conversion. This is a simple command with basic conversion parameters like addresses of MHT sources and location for desired files copies, the target format (XLS). In addition, you can set convert MHT to XLS command line parameters for formatting. If you have some special requirements like font type or color, you can set them in the command. In such a way you can adjust the XLS copies for comfortable view.

If the MHT sources contain unnecessary images, don't worry. This server MHT converter can render text only, ignoring all graphic content. You can set a specific background to desired copies and put a digital watermark for file protection. All these features are optional, they help to avoid additional editing after conversion. Process the files once and get a desired result.

If MHT files are not needed after XLS copies are ready, you can setup the script to delete originals after conversion. Automatic deletion will also save your time. It is also possible to convert MHT to XLS on a server in fully automatic mode. Total Folder Monitor can be used for this.

You can get Total HTML ConverterX here. Setup and use is very simple, try it!

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Buy Total HTML Converter X NOW!
(only $750.00)
   Updated Fri, 22 Nov 2019

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