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Today, converting MOD to OGG is easier than ever. The new MOD OGG converter features options, which speed up and simplify conversion process and turn it into a kind of entertainment. Indeed, many users who have purchased this tool express their sincere satisfaction and delight with this advanced utility.

Total Audio Converter has YouTube grabber, so you can rip audio from your most favorite YouTube clips. Also, you can rip audio from CD with sound quality fully intact. Batch mode will help you render as many MOD tracks in OGG as you need. Built-in audio player enables you to listen to audio tracks prior to conversion and achieve acceptable quality level. Robust interface and handy wizard will save you a lot of difficulties you must have faced while using other converters. Command line allows you to convert tracks from within other applications.

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How to Convert MOD to OGG

  1. The interface can be launched in two ways: via the icon or via the right-button popup menu. In the former case, you should double-click on the icon or click the respective option in the Start-up menu. In the latter case, move the cursor over a MOD track and right-click on it. In the context menu, select 'Convert to'. Then navigate the interface.

  2. Scroll the file tree and find the folder with MOD files. Once you click on it, the list of tracks will be shown in the right-hand section of the interface. It is here that you determine how many files you are converting. To convert one or a couple of MOD tracks to OGG, tick them manually. To batch-convert the entire list, click 'Check All'. Select 'OGG'.

  3. In the wizard's window, select channel, sample rate and bit rate. These are the parameters, which actually determine sound quality. This audio converter offers default settings automatically. If you have a little experience with audio conversion, you can set your own parameters.

  4. Click 'Start!' to convert.

Convert MOD to OGG

You can download the free demo version and get around to turning MOD into OGG right now. This free version is valid for 30 days. If you buy the license version, you will enjoy all sorts of support from our team and upgrades. You can contact us any time and tell us what you like and what you do not like about our converter. Please, do not take descriptions on trust. Use the tool and state your own opinion!

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    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
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