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If you cannot play your MPC tracks on iPod or other Apple devices, this format is simply not supported by your player. You need to convert MPC to AAC format using Total Audio Converter. This program perfectly manages with converting audio files to all major formats.

Total Audio Converter works with any number of files. It converts them in batches or one-by-one - you can switch to different modes. If you would like to export many files from MPC into AAC with the same settings, it will be reasonable to process them in one batch. For this you need the following:

Green PlusInside the program window find proper source files

Green PlusCheck them all in the file list

Green PlusPress the 'AAC' button to enable AAC audio converter

Green PlusCheck audio parameters and conversion settings, change if necessary

Green PlusPress 'Start!'

You will have two variants: convert each file to a separate AAC track or combine all into one. In the second variant you will get a track that contains all sources, played one after another. Quality is also adjustable. You can set MPC converter to minimum quality and get the smallest file size. By default the program converts files saving the original quality.

Total Audio Converter works in a few modes. You can use graphic interface to run through the settings and enable conversion. To convert only one file, you can click on its icon by the right mouse button and use 'convert to' option in context menu. For converting MPC to AAC you can also use command line (cmd dialogue in Windows). This way the program will show only progress bar and then open a folder with converted files.

You can download Total Audio Converter in a trial version. It is available with full pack of functions, you can test them all for free during 30 days. Try it now!

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Buy Total Audio Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Mon, 19 Oct 2020

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