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MPC format can be hardly played on mobile devices, as very few of them support Musepack format. That is why MPC files should be converted to the formats compatible with mobile gadgets. Total Audio Converter offers converting MPC to MP4 as one of possible solutions. MP4 is widely supported by mobiles, including iPhones.

Total Audio Converter helps to save the original quality of MPC tracks or even improve it. Don't worry that your favorite music may sound badly after conversion. In settings menu there is an adjustable quality parameter (from 0 to 500). In order to convert MPC to MP4 with original quality, set this parameter to 100. One more parameter depends on the type of conversion:

Green PlusYou can combine tracks together when converting them in batch

Green PlusYou can extract a file fragment and convert to MP4, if you process only one file.

Batch conversion means that you select many source files, and all they will be converted from MPC into MP4 within one click. It is a time-saving alternative to conversion one-by-one. Converting one file is reasonable, when you need to process a specific track or would like to convert files each with custom settings.

To make the process maximally easy for users, there are a few ways of running conversions. This audio converter works as a common program: you open it and use graphic interface to setup all required functions. You can also use it from the context menu of the file. If to click on the file icon with right mouse button, you will see a context menu with 'convert to' option. Using it, you can convert tracks right from the desktop. You can launch MPC converter from the command line interface, as the program supports this option too.

Total Audio Converter is available in the updated version here. Download it for your personal use.

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