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Total Movie Converter

Convert MPG (MPEG-1) to AVI, AVI to MPG

MPG (also widely known as MPEG-1) is a popular video/audio coding and compression standard belonging to the MPEG family of video/audio formats. Being highly compatible with multiple range of PC models and VCD/DVD players, MPG is still one of the most popular video formats in the MPEG family, in spite of the fact that more powerful MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc… have been developed and deployed.

Both MPG and AVI are popular video formats, and both have their benefits and drawbacks. AVI is considered obsolete, but at the same time it's still widespread, and many personal video file collections are stored as AVI files. Should you want to convert them to MPG, Total Movie Converter is at your service. MPG to AVI is also supported. Actually, Total Movie Converter converts a wide range of video formats to AVI, all types of MPEG and WMV.

Total Movie Converter is an affordable, flexible, easy to use solution that has a lot of important features and at the same time doesn't turn the conversion of video files into an overwhelmingly hard procedure. You don't have to be a PhD in Computer Science.

There are other benefits, as well:

  • You can change the codec/system type for AVI files.
  • AVI/MPEG parameters (color depth, frame rate and resolution) can be configured to match your preferences.
  • Audio parameters (bit rate, sample rate and bit channel) are also configurable to achieve the best quality of sound.
  • Total Movie Converter has a batch conversion feature for multiple files and a command line support.

download Total Movie Converter

You can also convert:

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Latest News

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  • Online converter now supports Biological Formats spe; nd2; pds; lsm; sif; fpf; vff; nmr; zvi; dm3; isac; afm; ser; mri.
  • New Total Excel Converter adds the ability to Export hidden sheets.
  • New Total Image Converter has improved working with Open Office images (.fh7 - 11).
  • After the update, our converters use a new data encryption standard: AES 128 and 256 bits.
  • The updated Total PDF Converter has improved / accelerated work with large files of 10,000 or more pages.

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