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Convert MPP to AAC

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Convert MPP to AAC

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MPP is an extension that Microsoft Project, an application developed by Microsoft for organizing, tracking, and maintaining projects, as well as for controlling workloads, schedules, and finances, uses for its files. MPP files can easily be viewed with Microsoft Project 2010, Housatonic Project Viewer, KaDonk LiveProject Viewer, Stand By Soft RationalPlan, and MOOS Project Viewer. But, as you can see, none of these programs supports audio files.

To pay audio files from Microsoft Project, simply convert MPP to AAC, also known as advanced audio coding. This format is the logical successor to MP3 for audio coding at medium to high bit rates.

If you have never before seen a program capable of converting MPP into audio files, you will be surprised to find out that there are many programs that can perform this task. They include MPP AAC converter, MPP converter and high-quality audio converter.

We strongly recommend that you try high-quality audio converter as it has better functionality than simply MPP and MPP AAC converters. Check out Total Audio Converter by CoolUtils. This tool has many advantages over other conversion software.

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First, with this tool you will be able to convert MPP files not only into AAC, but also virtually into any type of audio format. Supported formats include: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, MP4, AAC, and MPC.

Second, with this tool you will get a chance to convert MPP to AAC in batch. Simply select as many MPP files as you want, set AAC as target format and begin automatic conversion!

Third, Total Audio Converter gives you an opportunity to do much more than just convert files! Listen to music, grab CDs, rip music from YouTube videos and more.

To convert MPP to AAC:

  • Download Total Audio Converter now
  • Install it and launch via command line or as usual
  • Select MPP files for conversion
  • Set AAC as target format and click “Start!”

To learn more about Total Audio Converter, convert CoolUtils customer support team now!

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