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You have just downloaded a kind of audio converter, which will save you a lot of trouble and give a chance to enjoy high quality sound any time. This MPP WAV converter has been designed by a team of experienced software developers, who have relied on the call of the times and customer feedback. They have been working around the clock to create this powerful and user friendly utility, which runs circles around all the converters you have used combined.

This audio converter has a number of improvements. Particularly, it features batch function, command line support, built-in audio player, CD-ripper, YouTube option and a handy program Wizard. All these options open new horizons in the field of file conversion. Now, you can convert MPP to WAV effortlessly.

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How to Use the MPP Converter

You do not need to be lectured on that. You don't need any special training course either. Just try to convert one MPP file to WAV, and you will get the trick.

  • Run the converter and find a folder with your albums in the folder tree. Click on the folder, and all the MPP files located in it will be displayed in a consecutive way on the right. There will be a checkbox in front of each file or folder.

  • Check MPP files manually, if you are going to convert one or a few files. Press 'Check All' if you wish to convert MPP to WAV in batch. To process the files, click 'WAV' in the toolbar or find it in Convert menu.

  • Navigate the Wizard's options. Here you can set bitrate, sample rate, channels, destination folder, etc. The program sets these parameters automatically. However, if you have your own idea of what good quality sound is, you can set your own parameters. This will take a bit of experience.

  • When you have made your settings and specified output folder, click 'Start'.

Convert MPP to WAV

Use the built-in audio player to preview tracks. It can also help you ensure you are converting the right track.

If you would like to rip audio from CD, use the built-in CD ripper. If you have come across a beautiful track on YouTube, this MPP converter is the right thing for you. It features YouTube option, which rips audio from YouTube vids.

If you are not sure yet, download the free demo version of the program and make your opinion. After 30 days, you are going to have to register. License version gets upgraded automatically. Tech support and updates are free.

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