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This is one of the the most versatile and powerful MPP converters you have tried by now. It supports a multitude of audio formats and converts tracks in a twinkle of an eye. Besides, you can convert whole MPP albums to WMA and save them on any disc or player.

If you have bought this audio converter, the return will be great and it will come shortly after purchase. Converting files this way is very time-saving. You do not need to set too many parameters to figure out appropriate sound quality. You can check it prior to conversion by aid of the built-in audio player.

With this MPP converter, you can rip audio from CD and YouTube. Just like simple converting, ripping audio will be a quick job, most of which is performed automatically. The most difficult thing you have to do is locate and specify tracks.

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How to Convert MPP to WMA

This converter features so called batch mode. It is this function that allows you to convert whole albums, regardless of the amount of tracks contained in them.

Run the MPP converter and navigate the folder tree. Locate the folder wit MPP tracks, so that the content will be displayed in the list on the right. There will be a checkbox next to each of the files and folders. If you are converting but a few items, check them manually. If you would like to save all the files in the WMA format, click 'Check All'. The system will check all the files found in the ch'osen folder. Select 'WMA' in Convert menu or in the toolbar. Press 'Start to process the tracks. If you have decided to convert MPP to WMA in batch, you are going to have to wait a bit longer for the program to process all the tracks.

Convert MPP to WMA

There are parameters imbedded in the wizard, which you can set to achieve desirable sound quality level. The program sets the most appropriate parameters automatically, but you can make your own settings.

Use command line option to convert from within other programs. To convert MPP to WMA from the desktop, right-click on an MPP file and press 'Convert to' in the right-button menu.

This MPP WMA Converter has two versions: license version and demo version. The latter is available for free and it is valid for 30 days. When the trial period expires, you are going to have to purchase the license version.

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