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MS SQL Converter   

Converts MS tables to dbf, xml, csv, txt, sql. Creates reports in xls, doc, html

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MS SQL Converter is most efficient tool that will lighten your work with databases. In few steps it converts tables to data formats (dbf, xml, csv and txt) and sql. Besides, MS SQL Converter can convert files to access. It can directly connect to MySQL and create reports in xls, doc, html, pdf.

You select a server and the list of databases is shown. You select the database and the main panel displays the list of tables and views. Check the tables and views that you want to convert and press one of these the buttons.

In case you do not want all of the fields to be converted you may select only those you need. In Formats sections you define the way different fields will look like (integer, float, date, time, currency). With MS SQL Converter you can set header or footer for your files (i.e. page number at the bottom of each page). Normally the captions equal the name of fields. MS SQL Converter allows you to change the selected captions to the ones you need.

All these viewing and editing operations are easily done due to well-though wizard like interface. Try MS SQL Converter now for free. You will be amazed how efficient your work with databases can be.


Currently supported conversions:

  • MS SQL table to dbf
  • MS SQL table to csv
  • MS SQL table to txt
  • MS SQL table to sql
  • MS SQL table to xml
  • MS SQL table to access
Buy MS SQL Converter NOW!
(only $49.00)




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Windows 8 Compatible
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