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Photo rename and mp3 rename features explained

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Visual Renamer has a lot of additional features addressing specific file renaming tasks and specific file types. Photo rename and mp3 rename features are just two examples of such additional features.

Digital photo cameras are swiftly becoming more and more popular, so Visual Renamer has now introduced additional routine tasks, such as renaming or storing digital photo files. You can write your photos onto CD disks to store them as a collection and save hard drive space, but when you rename them with Visual Renamer you can give your files new, meaningful names that will speak to you and make the task of finding the desired photo a lot easier.

And who doesn’t love music? The mp3 compressed file format is a great invention of modern IT; it greatly reduces the size of a file with only minimal loss of quality. Also, mp3 files contain a wealth of additional information that you can use to rename and organize your private collection of mp3 files. Just rename them properly, burn them onto CD, grab your earphones and enjoy!

More on how to rename mp3 files

How you rename the whole digital photo album

Have you ever wondered how old your kid was in the photo you're looking at? Or what year this particular Christmas tree filled your living room with pine needles? When you are taking a photo, you think you will never forget the event it is connected with, nor the date of the event. Alas, how soon we actually forget not only the exact date, but even the year when we took a certain photo. Sure, the photos have the times and dates embedded into their file data - but that makes a painstaking task of sorting a large number of them into appropriate folders. Wouldn't it be more convenient if you could simply add the embedded data to the file names themselves? You'd never need to bother checking if the date was changed due to some minor modification you applied to your digital image. With Visual Renamer, you can do it in only one click, and have the filenames of your entire digital photo collection organized in a minute, no matter how huge it has grown over the years.

Rename your mp3 files to organize them into a collection

With your mp3 music collections, the situation is similar, but even more complicated due to a larger number of file rename options. Here, you've got the Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, and Comment information, all stored in the mp3 tags, and all usable within your specific file renaming rule. You can use any combinations of your mp3 tags to rename your tracks, i.e. Year-Title or Artist-Album-Title.

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   Updated Sun, 22 Apr 2018

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