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Multi Renamer   

A New Handy File Renamer for Huge Groups of Files

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A handy new mass file renamer for people who often deal with great numbers of files. With Multi Renamer you can easily rename heaps of files which means either giving them all completely new names or just adding some important information to their old names. It lets you include the dates of your latest photos in their file names, or put your mp3 music collection in order by means of giving a number to each track - and do it all in a few clicks.

Multi Renamer is the must-have for music lovers. With Multi Renamer you can easily rename each song in your folder by mp3 tag in few clicks! And do not worry about the number of tracks in your folder - Multi Renamer will cope with unlimited number of files in subdirectories. You will see how the files will look like before they are actually converted in Preview window. But for ultimate security there is Undo option. So if you do not like the way your files look like after the renaming, just hit Undo button and try again.

You do not have to believe us. Download it now for free (30 days trial period, no limitations) and find out that it is really worth its money.

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Rename mp3 files with many handy options
Buy Multi Renamer NOW!
(only $19.90)

What are users saying

It is a great help with my files. I have a lot of graphics/photos, and it certainly makes it easier to organize.
Charles R Jolicoeur

Thank you for the software - I truly appreciate the customer service efforts at making this a good experience.


LOVE the software.

W John Mac Fadden

Multirenamer: Well I would not have bought it if it wasn't good :P I like the Templates ect. The GUI is fine and the features are A+. Would take me some time to add in all that functionality. So good job.

Mark van Rooyen

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Multi Renamer Preview1

Key Features

  • Renames huge lists of files in one click
  • Counter - enumerates the files
  • Date added to the file name
  • Regular expression support
  • Rename by mp3 tags feature
  • Preview window
  • Command line support
  • The Undo option
  • Predefined renaming actions: e.g. convert cases, insert date, replace accented characters with ASCII characters, rename .html to .htm (and vice versa), numbering files, etc.

Windows 8 Compatible


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