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If you own a Nikon digital camera, or have ever tried to open image files produced by one, then you've encountered the NRW file format. Designed to be used exclusively in association with Nikon products, there aren't many programs out there that are capable of opening NRW Nikon photos. Even if there were though, NRW is not necessarily the best format to use when it comes to saving and sharing your images. That's because NRW is a RAW, uncompressed file format meaning that file sizes range from big, to even bigger!

Good news though, Total Image Converter can take those cumbersome NRW files and convert them to a more convenient format. Now you can convert NRW to TIFF in batch with just a few quick clicks! No matter how big your job is our batch NRW converter has got you covered. With the help of our easy-to-use GUI, you'll be setting up projects and automatically converting hundreds of images in no time at all. We even provide direct access to the command line, allowing users to build and schedule large scale, behind the scenes operations.

When you save NRW as TIFF using the Total Image Converter, you'll free up precious drive space, and your images become more shareable. The best part? Our converter is loaded with options that help you enhance their functionality.

Green PlusResize, rotate and crop your images.

Green PlusCreate custom watermarks.

Green PlusChoose compression levels.

Green PlusSpecify photometric interpretations.

Green PlusSelect your color space.

Don't let proprietary files types like NRW slow you down. Get started with Total Image Converter today through our free trial download. With more than a decade's worth of development, you have our guarantee that this is the coolest conversion tool around. If you like what you see and decide to purchase the licensed version, all upgrades are free in the first year. You will gain access to our super support staff.

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