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When Do You Need An Audio Converter?

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Here is the list of most common cases when you need a good audio converter - Total Audio Converter by CoolUtils.

When a fried sends you files in FLAC.

And none of your player support this format. Convert FLAC files to a format you need with Total Audio Converter.

When your mp3's are too big

Aand you want to reduce their size by changing bit rate. Launch TAC, select the mp3 files and press Convert To MP3. In the wizard's window set the low bitrate and press Start button.

When you want to install ring tones in your mobile phone

But it supports only files in MP3 or AAC. Launch TAC, select the files you have and press Convert To MP3 button (or convert to AAC). Now you have the music you like in the format your mobile phone supports.

When you want to add audio files to Power Point presentation.

To make an outstanding presentation you should add music to your slides. Get the most of what you already have: audio files on your pc or physical CDs. All you have to do is to convert them to MP3 format so that Power Point recognized them. Use Total Audio Converter to convert your audio files to MP3 or to rip your CDs.

When you need to copy CDs to PC.

You won't do without TAC. TAC has a built-in CD ripper which allows you to rip CDs and convert to MP3 (or any other format) at the same time.

When you need to play files in WMP

. Windows Media Player supports WMA files. If you have FLAC or OGG files, they will not be played. Convert your music to WMA to listen to in using Media Player.

Sometimes its really annoying only having a song in mp4 format

Because you can only hear them using iTunes. Convert your song to mp3 and you may listen to it on almost all devices.

When you want to burn a cd to your car in mp3 format.

Whatever format your audio files now are, Total Audio Converter will convert them to mp3 that almost all car audio players support.

When you need to convert audio CDs into mp3 files.

Insert CD, select Rip CD button in Total Audio Converter. Follow the instructions.

When you want to use flac files of iPod

Convert them to MP3 or AAC with Total Audio Converter. Your iPod will recognize and play them in these formats.

Thousands of our users have already benefited by Total Audio Converter. What they say:

Sometimes i like the music from some games, and it's not available as mp3. TAC is the best solution.

I need to convert frecuently audio file because I'm musician in a band, and I need to manipulate recorded music or whatever I have. TAC is invaluable here.

The audio format that I needed to submit for a school project was not available to me when recording. I found Total Audio Converter.

I bought songs long ago on real audio now use itunes and ipod. TAC helped me to convert them.

Band in a box doesn't automatically convert files to my waveburner brand. TAC helps.

I wanted to be able to play them with other audio players. Doing a google search and compared it to other converters.

I searched for a converter because when you rip cd's from windows media player they sometimes come up as cda files that cant be played with your player of choice. I plugged in what is a cda file using google search and luckily your web-site came up:)

I do not have a mp3 player to put music on my tomtom. I am not very good with computers, but i found your system very easy to use.

i was wondering how to convert .cda files to mp3, so i search in the web. Your tool was helpful... and thank you.

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   Updated Thu, 07 Feb 2019

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