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  Nikon photo cameras save photos in NEF image format that is supported by very few graphic editors and other software. That is why editing and viewing Nikon images can cause problems. To improve the compatibility of images made by Nikon camera you should convert NEF to another graphic format, more common in use and support by your programs. Mention that when converting photos from one format to another it is extremely important to export true colors and do not lose the quality. That is why not any NEF image converter is suitable for using.

The one that guarantees the lossless conversion is Total Image Converter, a tool that can export NEF photos to one of the following formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • GIF

These are only a few of formats supported by the program. Virtually you can adjust your photos to any graphic application using Total Image Converter. The set of options for each target format is different. As for JPEG, here you will find the next settings:

  1. Transform: the program allows to crop the image removing unneeded edges, rotate for better orientation on paper/screen and resize photos to the size you need
  2. Background: you can adjust the colour of background for transparent images
  3. Colour space: what is one of the most important parameters when converting photos is correct colour rendering, here you can choose any you need
  4. JPEG quality: you can compress photos in quality to save the memory space or leave it on the highest level
  5. Watermarks: add logo, frame or comment to your images to protect them from unauthorized view or to personalize them.
Besides wide range of settings allowing you to get the best quality of converted photos, this Nikon image converter also provides with ability to convert them in batches. User can convert as many photos in one batch making settings once for all images. Try Total Image Converter now and get sure in its use.

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