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Are you looking for a program to convert ODS to PDF? Eventually, you can save each ODS file as PDF in OpenOffice, but it is a cumbersome solution if you have hundreds of files.

Today, there is a versatile and powerful batch ODS PDF converter, which supports a variety of formats and converts ODS files to PDF and many other formats. Unlike other converters Total Excel Converter has been online for over 10 years. It has been polished with millions of conversions. As we receive a lot of feedback we have added some special options our users were asking for:

Green PlusSome people prefer to combine several ODS files onto one PDF. Total Excel Converter can do that.

Green PlusMost people care about security. Total Exel Converter allows users set permissions to prevent unauthorized copying, modifying or printing resulting PDF files.

Green PlusIt's a good idea to give new files descriptive names and add a counter.

Green PlusLegal secretaries and paralegals asked for bates stamping option. Now they can convert ODS to PDF and add bates or any text (confidential, commercially sensitive, etc.) to every page of the output files.

Total Excel Converter can produce all sorts of PDF files: the regular PDFs, non-searchable PDFs or PDF/A files. With all these options it's easy to get lost. However, Total Excel Converter features an intuitive interface and automatic wizard, which facilitates the process of conversion.

This OpenOffice converter has command line support, so you can convert ODS to PDF from within any other utility. Here is also a server version that has no GUI or interrupting messages and converts ODA files on web-servers.

download batch xls converter

In order to convert ODS to PDF, you need to do but a few simple actions:

  1. Launch the program
  2. Select the folder with source ODS files in the folder tree
  3. Check your ODS files
  4. Select the output format (PDF) in the format bar or Convert menu.

Convert ODS to PDF

Total Excel Converter is available online. All you need to do is visit our website and click ‘Buy now!' If you wish to just get acquainted with the program, click ‘Download' and use it. You will need to register in 30 days. Registered users will receive free technical support and upgrades on a regular basis.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
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   Updated Thu, 16 Dec 2021
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