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Convert ODS to Text

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ods converter

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Definitely, Total Excel Converter will help everyone who has to regularly convert ODS to Text and many other formats. It supports various tables and features an easy-to-follow interface. The program integrates into Windows, so you can convert ODS files to text and other formats right from the desktop. All you should do is right-click on a file, select Convert to and select Text in the format bar or in the format menu. Also the program features command line option, by aid of which you can transform ODS to Text from within other programs.

Converting ODS to Text is a kind of new thing this program can do. Now you can make OpenOffice documents into more common formats.

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How to Use this ODS Converter

Total Excel Converter has received a great deal of positive feedback for its exceptional versatility and ease of use. It takes but a few simple manipulations to convert ODS to txt or any other format.

Green PlusLaunch the ODS Text converter and navigate the file tree.

Green PlusClick on the folder with your OpenOffice documents and view the file list to the right of the folder tree. Check the ODS files, which you are going to convert to Text.

Green PlusSelect Text in the format bar or Convert menu and follow the wizard's commands.

Green PlusHere you can set destination folder, file name template and paper settings. You can either leave the default settings or, if you have a little experience with this converter, make your own settings. Select Start Conversion to view the settings.

Green PlusIf you are satisfied with them, click the Start button. The program will start making ODS into Text.

Convert ODS to Text

This ODS Text converter has made a revolution in the sphere of file conversion. It converts from Excel, Excel 7, .odt, .ods and .xml, dbf, .tex, .sql, .dif, wk2, and wks. to Word (both Doc and DocX), HTML, TXT, PDF, ODS, ODT, XML, Access, CSV, SQL, Lotus, DIFF, DBF, TEX, LaTeX, SYLK.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Wed, 13 Feb 2019
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