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How to Convert ODS to XLSX in Batch

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ODS converter

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If you use Open Office, you certainly know that ODS is a format used by this free and open-source software to save spreadsheets. In a word, ODS in analogous to XLS or XLSX. Even though Microsoft Excel files can be viewed with the help of Open Office, ODS spreadsheets cannot be opened in MS Office.

If, for some reason, you decide to switch from Open Office to Microsoft Excel, you might want to be able to view all your spreadsheets with the help of the new application. The easiest way to do so is automatically convert ODS into Excel 2007. Since most users have hundreds or even thousands of XLSX files, they would like to have a chance to convert ODS to XLSX in batch. There are many programs for ODS to XLS conversion available online, but only a few of them offer batch conversion and great quality. One of them is Total Excel Converter by CoolUtils.

download ODS converter

This ODS converter can be used by beginning and advanced users alike since it is very easy to master. The built-in wizard and free online how-to articles are very helpful when it comes to understanding how the converter works.

convert ODS to XLSX in batch

Total Excel Converter is a batch ODS XLSX converter, which means that this program can be used to convert hundreds of Open Office spreadsheets. Batch conversion option is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and nerves.

If, for some reason, you feel like converting ODS to formats other than XLSX, you will be glad to find out that Total Excel Converter is there for you. This program supports a large number of formats, which include but are not limited to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, ODT, XML, SQL, CSV, DIFF, SYLK, and more.

Total Excel Converter is a great choice for people who prefer to measure thrice and cut once. A free 30-day trial version of this Excel converter is available from CoolUtils for everyone. It enables you to evaluate the quality of the software and its efficiency prior to actually purchasing it. Get your free Total Excel Converter now!

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Wed, 13 Feb 2019

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