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  Ogg is a free, open standard container format created by Xiph.Org Foundation. The company's aim was to provide computer users with high-quality streaming and efficient manipulation of audio and video files. Although this goal was achieved, users currently face certain problems when opening ogg files. First, they have problems actually recognizing ogg format because it has several filename extensions (.ogv, .oga, .ogx, .ogg, and .spx). Second, they are unable to play files with the help of default music players like Windows Media Player of Media Player Classic.

The possible steps that you might take to resolve these issues are as follows:

  1. download audio codecs that support ogg files
  2. convert ogg files to more traditional formats
Both options are great, however, the first one requires you to do more than the second one. If you choose to download codecs, which are typically free, you will see that different software should be used to open different ogg files. For example, to play audio files, you will have to download Speex or Vorbis for lossy files and FLAC or OggPCM for lossless. The same is true for video and text ogg files.

However, if you choose to download ogg converter you won't face a need to install any codecs at all. One of the programs you might want to get is Total Audio Converter by CoolUtils. This ogg convertor can be used to convert ogg to mp3, aac, wav, or wma. Moreover, it will prove very handy when it comes to conversion of rare audio formats, other than ogg, to popular formats.

CoolUtils' Total Audio Converter is very easy to use for beginners and advanced computer users. Use this audio converter not only to convert flac files but also to listen to music, rip CDs, grab music from websites like YouTube, and many more.

To learn how to use Total Audio Converter, simply watch this clip now.

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